There is a Heaven for Catholic Women Volunteers

Many will be shocked to find When the Day of Judgment nears,
There's a special place in Heaven
Set aside for Catholic Women Volunteers;
Furnished with big recliners, satin couches and footstools
Where there's no Committee Chairperson, no officers or meetings, no cleaning pews,
No fund raisers, or bazaars to promote; no floors to mop, and no bake sale.
There will be nothing to staple, not one thing to fold or mail!
Telephone lists will be outlawed. But, a finger snap will bring
Cool drinks and gourmet dinners, and, rare treats fit for a King!
Who will serve these privileged few and work for all they are worth?
Why all those who reaped the benefits and not once volunteered on earth!

Our Mission: To strengthen fellowship among the women of St. Edward Church through service to the Church and to each other, through religious and leadership programs and social activities.

If you would like to become an active member of the Women of St. Edward, please
Email WSE


Below is a list of the current officers and committee chairpersons for the Women of St. Edward. If you would like to contact one of these volunteers, clicking on their names will open an email document.

Executive Board

President - Annie Lach
Vice President - Vacant
Treasurer - Peggy Behrman
Secretary - Selma Lesher
Leadership Commission Chairperson - Barb Hintershied
Spirituality Commission Chairperson(s) - Ruby Hall & Peggy Behrman
Service Commission Chairperson(s) - Phyllis Leech & Janet Shea
Immediate Past President - Merilee Wagner
DCCW Representative - Peggy Behrman

Committee Chairpersons

Bereavement Luncheons - Barb Hintershied
Caring - Shirley Brough
Christmas Bazaar - Peggy Behrman & Annie Lach
Christmas Families - Phyllis Leech & Janet Shea
Flower Sales - Kathy Conway
Receptions - vacant
Rosary Garden - Mickey Smith & Annie Lach
Santa's Attic - Selma Lesher & Lisa Ford
Welcome Ministry - MaryAnn Moses